WRAP looking for construction waste leaders

16/01/2008 Return to news archive

Companies that transport construction waste are being offered the chance to partner with one of the UK's most important waste minimisation organisations. WRAP (the Waste & Resources Action Programme) is looking for examples of best practice and groundbreaking innovation among businesses that deal with building waste. It will work closely with firms and provide them with consultants who will observe and report on their work. The scheme is part of WRAP's ongoing work with the construction industry to halve the amount of waste it sends to landfill by 2012. The most environmentally-friendly examples will be used to help guide WRAP's work to reduce construction and demolition waste. A limited number of case studies and demonstration trials will also be published on the WRAP website as an example to other businesses in the sector. 

Companies that think they have what it takes to be one of WRAP's shining examples of innovation should contact David Pugh on 01962 439106 or email pughd@entecuk.co.uk

Deadline: Friday 30th January 2009

Story taken from LCRN e-news roundup