Vote For Community RePaint Schemes in the People's Millions Today!

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Two Community RePaint schemes have entered a public phone in to win £50,000 of lottery funding through the ITV People’s Millions. Let’s make this clear though, they are not in competition with each other because they are based in two different ITV network areas of the UK, London and Tyne and Tees – so please vote for both! You can vote up to ten times (15p a call) from one device so be prepared to press redial! Liones are open until midnight tonight! You do not have to be from London or Tyne and Tees to vote for these projects, please vote from any region of the UK.

To vote for both projects, please phone the numbers below:

ITV London

Community RePaint East London, part of the Forest Recycling Project
Colour the Capital (Forest Recycling Project Limited)
Landline: 09015 228217
Mobile: 6228217


ITV Tyne and Tees

Community RePaint County Durham, part of County Durham Furniture Help Scheme Rural Refurb

Rural Refurb (County Durham Furniture Help Scheme)

Landline: 09015 228214

Mobile: 6228214


In order to win they need to get the most telephone votes between 9am and midnight TODAY.


This is a great opportunity for us all to get behind two of our schemes and help them win a significant amount of money which will benefit them, the people in their community and in turn, the whole Community RePaint Network. There is a big lift in funding potentially available to kick start, jobs, project work, a vehicle and some equipment.


Please vote! Thank you!















Image from Forest Recyclinbg Project - Colour The Capitol