Social entrepreneurs shrug off credit crunch fears

22/08/2008 Return to news archive

Provision of a free accessible programme available to support all Social Enterprises needs

Social entrepreneurs are less concerned about the effects of the credit crunch than first thought, according to a new mini-survey from the Social Enterprise Coalition.

In spite of the credit crunch, there is optimism amongst social enterprises about their business situations and it has been suggested that, although they look to make profits, they are primarily driven by their social or environmental goals, with many having the infrastructure in place to combat an economic downturn.

Social Enterprises trade primarily for social and/or environmental benefit, re-investing any surplus into the enterprise or its community. By ensuring that the business remains focused on its beneficiaries, making money whilst achieving social, ethical and environmental aims, Social Enterprise can improve the quality of local services, often empowering communities to deliver their own services.

Social Enterprises ‘soften the crunch’ for those people and communities most adversely affected by economic uncertainty. In these difficult times, Social Enterprise is a rewarding and effective way of making a real difference to peoples lives, communities and environments

But what help is out there to assist new, growing and established Social Enterprises?

A programme of support is being delivered by Social Enterprise East Midlands (SEEM), in partnership with Business Link East Midlands, to raise the awareness of social enterprise in the region, providing information and support start up a new, or develop an existing, Social Enterprise.

The programme provides a series of introductory seminars for people new to social enterprise explaining the basics of the Social Enterprise business model, along with thematic workshops for those running established Social Enterprises, providing practical support in short, sharp sessions.

The workshops cover a wide range of topics such as; how to finance your business, understanding and accessing markets, growth and development models and selling to the private and the public sectors

In addition, grant funding is available to enable social enterprises to purchase specialist business advice.

For the latest information about the programme, please visit
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