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The voluntary, community and social enterprise sector is to receive greater support in England following the creation of community interest company (CIC) REconomy by London Community Recycling etwork (LCRN), the Community Recycling Network (CRN), Furniture Reuse Network (FRN) and the Community Composting Network (CCN).

Launched at this year’s CRN conference in London, REconomy will inform, represent and develop community sustainable resource management groups, leading to an increase in waste minimisation activities, reuse and recycling. What’s more, it is hoped that the organisation will give the sector a stronger, more coherent voice in dealings with government, industry and other partners.

There are five complementary strands of activity intended to improve the capacity of third sector organisations:

1) Organisational Development
2) Market Development
3) Networking and Training
4) Investment for Growth
5) Projects

Within each strand, third sector organisations can access support tailored to their own needs and fitting their own development goals. The programme will pay for bespoke pieces of work that the organisation needs done to attract investment, grow, become more sustainable and win a bigger share of the resource management market.

The programme’s success will be measured using indicators counting the tonnes of waste diverted, tonnes of carbon saved, sector turnover and employment, training and volunteering opportunities created.

For more information on the programme visit: or call 0845 2178984.