Re-use to Count for the First Time

04/04/2008 Return to news archive

Government changes to waste targets will allow reuse tonnages to count towards council targets. Before this change reuse, which is higher up the waste hierarchy than recycling, was excluded from council targets. This gave the majority of councils an excuse not to support re-use charities even though they produce environmental and social benefits. 

The Government has just published technical guidance on the new local authority indicator set, which lays out how reuse of household materials can now be counted within the Recycling (and composting) Indicator NI 192. It is also included within NI 191 residual waste not reused, recycled or composted.

The Department of Communities and Local Government guidance lays down 3 ways in which tonnages reused can be counted:

1. Waste items in the possession of a WCA/WDA that are then sent for reuse.
2. Items for reuse separated by third parties on behalf of the WCA/WDA.
3. Items for which collection or disposal reuse credits are paid.

For more information, the indicator definitions can be downloaded at:

Community RePaint projects collecting paint from Household Waste Recycling Centres should talk to their local authority about payment of reuse credits.