Oregon Pilots Industry Funded Paint Recycling Programme

02/07/2009 Return to news archive

The move toward product stewardship has taken another step forward, as Oregon embarks on a trial paint recycling programme. 

According to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality 'paint is the highest-volume household hazardous waste product' dealt with by the local government. But now, the new paint recycling programme will see surplus paint deposited at one of the many drop-off centres opening across the state, from where it will be collected for reprocessing and then sold.

Following legislation passed last year the programme will be funded by the paint manufacturers via price increases, which will see customers paying 75 cents more for tins of paint that are a gallon (3.78 litres) or smaller and $1.60 for those over one gallon, to generate an estimated $4.5 million.

The programme is being monitored by the Department of Environmental Quality and its continuation will be reviewed by 1 October 2011.