Mega Mexican Mural

04/08/2015 Return to news archive

A group called the German Crew artists collective have created Mexico's largest mural in the samll rundown neighbourhood of Las Palmitas, Palchuca. 

The huge mural is part of a government-sponsored project called Pachuca Paints Itself. It aims to bring the community together and rehabilitate the Palmitas neighbourhood.


Irving Trejo from the artist collective German Crew, picks out a can of orange paint  Irving Trejo paints a section of a mural

Alfonso Santiago Reyes looks up at the newly-painted facade of his home Blueprints and photos are displayed in the German Crew's headquarters

German Crew artist collective member Carlos Duarte paints a section of a gigantic mural  The painters from the German Collective spent the last 14 months creating trust within the community, working with residents to paint their homes with bright, colourful designs

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