A Painted Passenger Paradise!

10/06/2010 Return to news archive

Move over Laurence Llewellyn Bowen! For Homebase’s latest TV commercial, Carlisle railway station was transformed from a sombre stone structure into a painted passenger paradise!

Using 1,500m sq of flooring, 1,800 litres of paint and more than 250m sq of wallpaper, the film shoot lasted a week, during which time locals and commuters became quite fond of their new-look platforms that included a garden area complete with plants and garden furniture, another lined with rugs, lamps and plush furniture; connected by a techni-coloured, stripey foot bridge - travellers couldn’t help but have a spring in their step!

Following the departure of the film crews (and to the dismay of many locals), the listed building has now been restored to its former glory. But, keep a look out as Homebase plans to transform a number of other spaces as part of their campaign to show people what can be achieved with a little DIY.

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