Dulux and Community RePaint


Community RePaint has been sponsored by Dulux since its inception in 1993 and forms part of Dulux's ongoing sustainability programme, Step Towards Greener. The Community RePaint logo can be found on all Dulux domestic paints and colour charts.

Dulux provides technical advice, conference speakers and general support to Resource Futures, as central managers of the network, as well as year-on-year financial sponsorship. This sponsorship enables long-term planning for Community RePaint and is used as match funding to attract Lottery and other grants.

Step towards greener   

At Dulux, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products and our business – from raw materials to waste and disposal. 'Step Towards Greener' explains our philosophy – in order to maintain the high quality standards that you expect, we can’t change everything overnight, but we are taking steps in the right direction.

We are continually trying to lower the impact of what we do by reducing waste and emissions and using energy, water and raw materials as effectively and efficiently as possible.

We have focussed on five key areas where we can make genuine environmental and sustainable improvements across our business.

Products & services
Our aim is to reduce the ecological footprint of our products without compromising on performance and offering innovative products that contribute positively to the environment and personal well-being.

We are working to measure and record the environmental footprint of all of our products.

We offer high-performance water-based alternatives to solvent-based paints in all popular paint finishes. We have introduced lightweight packaging for our paints, using less material.

People & communities 

Our aim is to engage our employees in our sustainability strategy and to form mutually beneficial partnerships with local communities.

Since 1993, Dulux have supported Community RePaint, a UK-wide network of community-based paint re-use projects.

Since 2005, the AzkoNobel Community Program has supported more than 500 projects all over the world. This program encourages employees to actively contribute to their local communities.


Our aim is to improve the energy efficiency of our operations and work with key suppliers and customers to minimise energy consumption.

We have reduced the energy used per tonne of production by 15% since 2005.


Our aim is to significantly reduce the impact on the environment associated with the movement of our products and our employees.

Our delivery lorries now travel 500,000 miles less compared to 2007.

Since 2000 we have reduced the average fuel consumption of each company vehicle by 33%.

We are continuing to rollout new aerodynamic delivery trucks which cut fuel consumption by 10%.

Waste & resources  

Our aim is to eliminate waste and emissions from our operations and reduce the impact of our products and our packaging for our customers.

We have reduced our water consumption per tonne of product by 33% since 2005.

We have reduced the amount of hazardous waste produced by 65% since 2005.

For more information visit www.dulux.co.uk/advice/environment/dulux_helping.jsp